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Our workshops are £50 per class and can be delivered on site in our light and airy Community Rooms and paired with a visit to the Caves. We are also happy to bring the workshop to your classroom. Workshops are suitable for groups of up to 30 learners.

The workshops we can currently deliver are below; click on the links for more information. We are creating more workshops, so do check back.

It is part of our ethos to provide education to the community, so if you have a suggestion for a workshop please do let us know by contacting us on

Artist in the making

In this workshop students will get the chance to explore the art within the Caves and recreate their own artwork using paint, chalk, free hand or stencils. Maybe they will design their very own cave-based stencil!

Rock Detectives

During this workshop students will get the opportunity to explore how rocks are formed and complete various small experiments on samples of various rocks, in order to understand their properties and help identify their potential uses. Will the rock float or sink? Does it react with acid?

Animal House

In this workshop students will get the chance to identify and categorise animals using games and their current knowledge. Working in teams they will design and build a miniature environment for their very own crochet animal, using all the information they have gained through our games. Will they design an Elephant’s dream home, or will they be the next leading Monkey habitat designer?