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Isle of Thanet Gazette                        Friday March 18th  2011  

                                   Letters to the Editor


Margate Caves

Will ‘temporary’ seal be removed?

A spokesman for Thanet Council has said that English Heritage would be allowed access to Margate Caves (Isle of Thanet Gazette March 11th) . Does this mean TDC will remove the “temporary” sealing of the entrance to allow this?

John Yuill, Birchington.

Spend Money on the Caves

The local authorities’ latest round of hypocrisy is possibly the most blatant yet. They can find £1 million a year to run the Turner Centre and raise £1.5 million to build a deeply unpopular building in Pierremont  Park and yet cannot provide £200,000 to reopen the Margate Caves. Since when has cutting down trees and building offices been more important than providing people with a reason to visit the area? I am starting to think that our council has forgotten what it is there for.                                                           

Matthew Brown, Dane Valley.