The Margate Caves project has been funded with generous support from the following:

The National Lottery Heritage Fund

The National Lottery Community Fund

Trusthouse Charitable Foundation

The Garfield Weston Foundation

Kent County Council

Kent Community Foundation

The Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation

The Roger de Haan Charitable Trust

Thanet District Council

Peter Davis and Steve Gardner

The Secret Garden Centre, Quex Park

Unipart Logistics

Postcard Art Auction supporters

Our Crowdfunder supporters:

Joy McNeil; Suzanne Bearne; Caroline Hack; Tamara Froud; John Kempton; Sue Williamson; Natasha Steer; Trish Scott; Johnathan Clifton; Cat James; Rosy Ross; David Moger; Anne-Marie Nixey; Huey Murray; Jeffrey Phillips; Zoe Walker; Michelle Booth; Clare Roberts; A J Ryan; Nicola Best; Emma Pierce; Amanda Knight; Kate de Syllas; Giuseppe Piantoni; Mandy Quy-Verlander; Lynne Frodsham; Claire Parsons; Simon Friend; The Home Front Tea Room, Ramsgate; Jenny Duff; Gary Pearse; Dawn Aspden; Berni Elbourn; Russel Ayling; Alison Grief; Sean Foreman; Alison Perry; Annie Newstead; Christopher Moor; Smugglers Cottage, Margate; Jennifer Oyston Chapman; Tom Adams; Emma Scheck; Jan Skudder; Stuart Attwood; Paul Breuer; Jennifer Peters; Alan Gazzard; Dave Barnard; Geena Parsons; Lee Collier; Mike Laskey; Simon Bryant; Karen Crabtree; Holly McConnell; Rickard Faulkner; Dan Palmer; Sue Davis; Ben Tuson; Orla Dollman; Lorna Dallas-Conte; Kate Kneale; Sharon Chelepis; Louise Oldfield; Mike Garner; Jo Norcup; Kevin C Mortimer; Jane Veronica Killick; Kirstie Fleck; Paul Brown; Neil John Griffiths; Jane Lovegrove; Steve Gardner; Michael Kaner; Ed Warren; Julian de Takats; Antonio Parente; Claire Orme; Valentina Giordano; Julie Foy; Jannine Martin; Robert Rutter; Christian Tate; Paul Edwards; Peter Davis; Annabella Coldrick-Ford; GB Pizza Co; Annelise Moore.

We’d also like to thank everyone who’s helped us with the development of our branding: Paul Freeman; Christian Tate; Daisy Emily Warne; Graphic Alliance.

Grateful thanks to every individual who has given of their time, enthusiasm and energy to the Caves project.