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Excavation at the Caves

In 2018, in preparation for building works at the Caves, an archaeological excavation took place with the team from SWAT Archaeology and the community.

Throughout the excavation numerous finds were discovered, dating from the early-mid Iron Age all the way through to Minton tiles dating to the early 1800s.

Some facts about our excavation;

  • 346 pottery sherds were found weighing nearly 8kg!

  • The majority of finds date to the early to mid Iron Age

  • A new pattern for the area was found on the Iron Age pottery fragments

  • 3 worked lithics, or flints were found, these were porbably used as small sharp tools during the early to mid Iron Age

  • The crouch burial found was of an Iron Age Man between 30 and 40 years old who was approximately 5'6"

A small broken pottery item with a rough edge. It forms the base of an incomplete vessel. Mostly black and dark grey with some light grey and white marks. It sits in front of a wood surface on a perspex box.

This unassuming little pot is arguably one of the the most important finds to come out of the excavation at the Caves. The pot, dating to the early to mid Iron Age is thought to be unique in regional finds- a fineware vessel that has been repurposed as a paint pot by the potter. Remains of varied paints can be found in trace amounts on the inside of the pot.


What will you discover?

Join us deep beneath Margate!

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