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Caves at Home


During these strange times, when the Caves have to be closed, we are working on ways to bring the Caves to you.

We've uploaded some of the crafts we had planned to do at the Caves and these can be found below. Crafts will be updated regularly, so check back to see what's new.

Share your creations with us!




Foodie Fossils


Fancy making your own fossil? Using things around the house you can see how fossils are formed in this easy to do experiment.


Bending Light

Have fun from home and learn about light with our light bending experiment. Download the easy to follow the instructions below.


Bear Craft Pack

If you go down to the woods today, you're in for a big, painty surprise!



Craft Pack

Easy for you to say! Pack your trunks full of crafty goodness!


Monkey Craft Pack

Who's a cheeky monkey? You're a cheeky monkey!


Croc Craft Pack

Mind your fingers! These reptiles are proper snappy!


Fox Craft Pack


You seem to have disguised yourself as a paper plate! How very cunning of you Mr. Fox!


Hippo Craft Pack

Does my bum look big in this itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini?


Deer Craft Pack


Oh deer! Someone's made a mess...


Lion Craft Pack


You'll be the King of the Jungle in no time at all!

Earth Day

Feed the Birds


You'll be a birdy's best friend if you make this sweet treat. 

Earth Day

Recycled Rainbow


Using found plastic to create rainbow-ful goodness.

Earth Day

Fingerprint Earth


Make a fingerprint earth and pop it in your window for all to see.

Earth Day

Seed Paper


These plantable seed papers make great gifts.

Enjoy getting creative? Check out our workshops!

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