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Iron Age Margate

A flourishing Iron Age community live on our site in a large community, based in a walled hill fort to protect themselves against violent attacks from rival tribes.

Life is difficult. Successful crops and healthy animals are vital for food and materials. Tools and weapons from this time, are made from iron and steel.

Before we embarked on building our Visitor Centre, the Margate Caves archaeological dig, made possible by the support of everyone who backed our Crowdfunder, uncovered many treasures from this era. Our final find was the most remarkable: an Iron Age skeleton in the bottom of a bell-shaped chalk pit.

We learnt that he was 5ft 6” (1.67m) tall and around 34 years old. The cause of death remains a mystery but experts found that he had previously suffered fractured ribs and toes. This is not unusual, as Iron Age men trained as warriors to defend their tribe. His broken bones would have been left to heal without treatment or pain relief.

Other interesting finds include various examples of course and fine ware pottery, including a particularly unusual piece which is thought to have been the potters paint pot.


What will you discover?

Join us deep beneath Margate!

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