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We offer a variety of workshops covering elements from across the curriculum. Our workshops can be delivered on site in our light and airy Community Rooms and paired with a visit to the Caves. We are also happy to bring the workshop to your classroom. Workshops are suitable for groups of up to 30 learners. See our ​current workshops below.



Rock Detectives

Through practical experiments and group discussions, students will identify, classify and explore the properties of different types of rock. The aim is to understand  how the rocks are formed and how their properties make them suitable for their uses. Will the rock float or sink? Does it react with acid?

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Age Group

Key Stage 2+


  1. To understand how igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are formed.

  2. To appreciate and explore how the different properties of the rocks make them suitable for different uses.

  3. To use experimentation to explore a rock’s properties and use the information collected to correctly identify them.

Animal House

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Age Group

Key Stage 1/2+


  1. To understand how to categorise animals according to their class, and the identifying characteristics of each class.

  2. To identify a range of different habitats and the animals that can be found in them.

  3. To use previous knowledge and that gained within the session to design/build a suitable habitat for a selection of animals.

In this workshop students will be given the chance to identify and categorise animals using games and their current knowledge. Working in teams they will design and build a miniature environment for their very own crochet animal, using all the information they have gained through our games. Will they design an Elephant’s dream home, or will they be the next leading Monkey habitat designer?

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Artist in the Making

In this workshop, students will learn about cave paintings from the Pre-Historic Era, as well as those within the our own Caves. Students will discuss the difference between art and graffiti, identifying some well-known graffiti artists and exploring their work. They will then use a range of techniques to recreate their own artwork using paint, chalk, free hand or stencils.​

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Age Group

Key Stage 1/2


  1. To understand how and why early settlers decorated their caves with artwork.

  2. To discuss the difference between art and graffiti.

  3. To use a range of techniques to design and create their very own piece of art.

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